By Mike Moen
Public News Service

Dr. Bruce Snyder, co-founder of Health Professionals for a Healthy Climate, worries about a repeat summer of thick, hazy smoke in the air creating unhealthy conditions… Snyder emphasized it is not just air pollution from wildfire smoke to worry about. He pointed out there are other ways a person’s health can suffer from climate change.


“We’ve got many more dangerous insects — ticks, mosquitoes, and so forth,” Snyder stressed. “This is having a profound effect on our wildlife. But also, we’re seeing a lot more progressively rising rates of Lyme disease, of West Nile virus.”


Year-over-year statistics may vary, but state health officials say the median number of Lyme disease cases has risen in the past decade. Snyder added adverse health effects of climate change can be much harder for populations lacking stable housing.

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