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Your voice is powerful.

Use it to support climate, health, and community.


As health professionals, our voices are a powerful force for combatting climate change and supporting community members’ fights for environmental justice. When we say ‘health professionals,’ we mean all of us: Nurses, community health workers, physicians, mental health professionals, healthcare service professionals, veterinarians, public health professionals, researchers, environmental health and sustainability professionals, and so many more of us. We’re often viewed as trusted experts grounded in science and health. We leverage our health professional credibility and expertise to work in coalition to advance initiatives that address the climate crisis.

SIGN ON LETTER: Close the Hennepin County Trash Burner by 2025

The Hennepin County Energy Recovery Center (HERC) is a trash incinerator located near Target Field between Downtown and North Minneapolis. The HERC emits health-damaging air pollutants in the middle of a dense, urban community.

The communities within a 3-mile radius of the HERC have a higher concentration of low-income households than 89 percent of the state, and a higher percentage of people of color than 90 percent of the state. 

Health professionals across Minnesota, including you, are invited to sign a letter originally drafted by North Minneapolis health professionals. The open letter from health professionals calls on the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners to:

  1. Honor and listen to North Minneapolis community members’ demands for clean air
  2. Close the Hennepin County trash incinerator by 2025
  3. Implement a strong zero waste plan that protects health

Add your name to support Minneapolis community members’ fight for clean air and environmental justice.




The policy and advocacy committee guides HPHC’s various policy campaigns in addition to work with state and federal climate and energy policy initiatives. Volunteer committee members meet a few times per month and commitments are flexible. This is a great fit for health professionals interested in using or growing their public policy or advocacy organizing skills.

The policy advocacy committee meets remotely via Zoom on the third Tuesday of each month, 6:30-7:30 p.m.

To be added to the committee list, contact us at